SEEING in 360° at the Science Gallery, Dublin.

Science Gallery is an award-winning international initiative pioneered by Trinity College Dublin that delivers a dynamic new model for engaging 15–25 year olds with science.
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I'd never heard of the Science Gallery at Trinity College until a few weeks ago but I think it's my new favourite place in Dublin. I wish I'd found it sooner. Luckily, I had my camera with me on the day.

SEEING is the current (free) exhibition questioning how eyes, brains and robots see. Recently, Science Gallery Dublin was listed among Ireland's Top 10 most-visited free attractions. Given the quality of the production, the great graphics and enthusiastic staff I'm really not suprised.

Being in the creative / visual space myself, the SEEING exhibition was a great introduction to this vibrant and wonderful space. I was really inspired by the atmosphere and tried to capture some of that excitment and wonder in 360 degrees as the visitors interact with the exhibits. 

The 3RNP exhibit (3 Robots Named Paul) is unlike any life drawing class I've seen before. A human model is sketched by three robots. Each 'Paul' consists of an old school desk, a web cam and a mechanical arm. 


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