Virtual Tour - Botanical Fusion
Launch Virtual Tour

Gerard Byrne Studio and Botanical Fusion exhibition Virtual Tour

A Virtual Tour takes the Botanical Fusion exhibition and artist's studio to a global audience during lockdown.

About the Studio

Nestled in the heart of Dublin's Ranelagh village, Gerard Byrne Studio is home to one of Ireland's leading contemporary artists. Established in November 2017, the studio offers the unique opportunity to experience a state-of-the-art gallery space, exhibitions by the artist and a working studio space.

Gerard's works hang in the Irish Government’s Art Collections and in numerous corporate and private collections worldwide.

About the Virtual Tour

The physical exhibition of Botanical Fusion - Singapore to Dublin was launched in February 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the gallery entered lockdown in March and Gerard’s gallery space and 42 botanical paintings comprising Botanical Fusion were temporarily closed to the public.

During the lockdown, Virtual Tours were quickly embraced by Galleries and Museums as the perfect platform to

  1. continue to display artwork
  2. allow visitors through their doors (virtually). 

At the same time, people found that Virtual Tours were a great way to experience places they could no longer visit.

During a Skype call with the Gallery, it was decided the Botanical Fusion exhibition could have a second launch as a virtual interactive exhibition. This time the gallery and exhibition would be turned into a Virtual Tour and therefore open 24/7 to a global audience.

Each room in the gallery was photographed in super-high resolution on our very best 360-degree photography equipment and work commenced on building a bespoke interactive Virtual Tour. 

The finished Virtual Tour was launched in early June 2020 to coincide with United Nations World Environment Day - a perfect way to celebrate both Gerard’s botanical works and a global celebration of the environment.


The interactive virtual tour gives an opportunity to take a leisurely stroll through the gallery rooms from the comfort of your home. Viewers can transport themselves behind our walls where they are free to navigate and explore the works on display at their own pace.  Paintings can be viewed in detail while enjoying a selection of audio recordings from our guests.
- Gerard Byrne Studio


Virtual Tour features

The 360° Virtual Tour consists of forty-two paintings spread across four gallery rooms and a street view/exterior photograph.

Being completely bespoke and custom-built to the gallery requirements, the Virtual Tour has a few notable features:

  • A customised intro screen features the gallery logo, exhibition, an Artist Introduction (video file) and links to the gallery review pages on both Google Reviews and Trip Advisor. 

  • Each painting is viewable via a pop-up window containing details such as title, canvas size and medium etc.

  • Paintings in the pop-up window feature a magnify feature which allow the user to view the artwork in further detail.

  • There is audio throughout the tour in select spots as indicated by the audio icons. The Lobby has 2 audio introductions while some paintings have a short audio clip by the artist himself.

  • An Artist Introduction video file 

  • Some of the press coverage on Gerard is displayed on the tables throughout the Gallery. Where possible, you can read the article(s) 

  • A social sharing screen is available (top right) and launches a window where you can leave reviews (Google Reviews and Trip Advisor), share the tour (Twitter, Facebook and Email) and Connect to follow the Studio (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook).


At the time of writing (July 2020), the Gerard Byrne Studio has reopened (by appointment only). Please see the artist website for latest details.